Sunday, June 5, 2011

9 Patch Blocks

The putting
together of 9 patch blocks.  All carefully measured at each stage.

And of course I had an assistant.  My beautiful, one eyed, devon rex cat called Gizmo. 

He and his sister Pixie Possum are a regular part of the routine in my sewing room.  All the fabric is really theirs, and any quilts I make are for them to stretch and purr and sleep upon.  They do run the household, and right now I am being ordered, by way of very loud talking meows, to go upstairs and feed them. 

At Last...

nine 2 1/2" blocks
After lots of messing about, I can finally (I think) upload some photos!  Today is Sunday and I have spent some of the time creating three nine patch blocks.  They are part of a "test" quilt that I am making as I follow the excellent Leah Day and her "how to" of cutting and piecing.  I have never been tauught these basics, and I wanted to see the difference between my haphazard way of cutting, and Leah's way of precision.  It goes without saying that there is no contest here.  Leah knows what she is talking about and I realise that even though it may take a bit longer at this stage, there is great benefit in taking the time to do the extra steps.  Check out her website if you are interested.  I love it.