Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Bee

Today a new post.  Pretty unusual really.  Good to do though.  I have been very busy with my blue stash.
Voila, blue rectangle quilt based upon Film In The Fridge's Rectangle Squared Quilt.  And here is the back.
Back of Rectangle Quilt


Also, after reading many posts regarding what could be found at Big W, I went on a FQ hunt and here's what I found, in Mirrabooka.

This made me feel very happy.  Perhaps I should trawl all the Big W stores in the State!  Hmm...perhaps not.
One more thing.  I found a bag of fabric that I've been saving for a quilt that I will never finish and on a whim thought "I wonder if there is any Low Volume fabric in that lot?"
There was. 
Witness the start of my Low Volume stash!