Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Found Fabric.

Retro 70's?  Fruits and white roses

Retro 70's? Different view

Little cross stitch print 70's?

more little cross stitch print

Wee folk print, 70's?

Wee folk print

Wee folk print
I had a wonderful weekend away at Avalon, in Toodyay, sewing a bit and generally relaxing.  The most exciting part was finding some retro fabric in one of the antique shops in town!  I've taken some photos.  I am also thinking I might sell some of it on ebay.  I won't part with the little folk print, however I thought the little cross stitch print and the large fruit/flowers print may be quite attractive to some collectors out there i.e. they would just HAVE to have some. A taste of what I found in the photos above.  Still excited!!

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