Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Antique Quilts

Double Wedding Ring

Churn Dash

Both quilts
Just one more note regarding my Avalon stay.  Barb, who organises the weekend, and what a wonderful job she does, brought along some quilts that she was hoping to sell.  These quilts would have been purchased by her in USA.  I couldn't help but take photos.  Someone did buy the double wedding ring (I couldn't afford it) and I gave serious thought to the churn dash.  I didn't buy though.  When you look at these photos give a thought to the fact that these quilts are all hand quilted!  The colours are still vibrant, the fabrics, feedsacks, still in very good condition.  I don't know the history of the quilts, however, just looking at them was a treat.  Thanks Barb for bringing them.

Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas to one and all!!
An update today on the six christmas stockings that I was making for our six grandchildren.  I am happy to report that the stockings are finished!  My weekend at Avalon assisted in the process.  Delveen and Peter at Avalon have put up the most amazing Christmas decorations in their lovely lounge room, so I took advantage of the gorgeous Christmas tree and took a photo of all the stockings.  What do you think?  I think they are pretty cool. 

Found Fabric.

Retro 70's?  Fruits and white roses

Retro 70's? Different view

Little cross stitch print 70's?

more little cross stitch print

Wee folk print, 70's?

Wee folk print

Wee folk print
I had a wonderful weekend away at Avalon, in Toodyay, sewing a bit and generally relaxing.  The most exciting part was finding some retro fabric in one of the antique shops in town!  I've taken some photos.  I am also thinking I might sell some of it on ebay.  I won't part with the little folk print, however I thought the little cross stitch print and the large fruit/flowers print may be quite attractive to some collectors out there i.e. they would just HAVE to have some. A taste of what I found in the photos above.  Still excited!!

New Challenge, Old UFO

Four blocks

9" block, will be 8.5 finished
 Thanks to my dear friend Catherine, I have today made some unexpected progress on a UFO. I had lots of appliqued 1930's fabric hearts appliqued onto white homespun which were sitting comfortably in my UFO cupboard (yes, I have one).  Took them out today, worked out a triangle size with my Westalee Rulers, and sewed four blocks!  Too easy.  Took some photos so that I can show Catherine what I have done.  I think there would be around 20 - 30 hearts, so all I have to do is maintain the momentum!